Chef Jozef

Restaurants run in Chef Jozef Harrewyn’s blood. Born in Antwerp, Belgium and raised mostly in South Africa, where his family immigrated the year he turned eight, Jozef undertook a three-year culinary apprenticeship with his father at age eighteen and learned the ins and outs of the trade long before then through his family’s restaurant and bakery. Upon the completion of his apprenticeship, Jozef attended culinary school in Antwerp and Versailles, graduated with a specialization in Garde Manger, Pastry and Baking and headed to Canada, where he worked with the Four Season Hotel group as executive pastry chef. Four years later, in 1983 he returned to South Africa, where he contributed to his family’s expanded business and competed in the 1984 World Culinary Olympics at the IKA in Frankfurt, Germany, on the South Africa team. All the while, Jozef stayed in touch with his former colleagues. It turns out, with good reason. In 1988, The Four Seasons brought him; his wife, Pam; and their sons to the States.

Chef Scott

Jozef's business partner, Scott Sorrell came on board in 2007 having returned to his native Vermont after living in Hawaii for ten years. Scott grew up in Jericho, attended MMU and graduated from New England Culinary Institute. Culinary internships took him to Key West, FL and later to the Big Island of Hawaii. Here he fell in love with the beauty of the islands and worked in numerous chef capacities at several different 5 star resorts earning recognition and culinary awards. He eventually joined the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui as restaurant chef of their popular signature dining establishment, the Humuhumunukunukuapua (named after the state of Hawaii) and more easily referred to as the Humu Humu. Scott met his wife , Shandy in Hawaii and they have a 6 year old son, Henry and are expecting their second child in 2012. He and his family reside in the village of Essex Junction.

Jeff Moisan

After completing a tour of duty in the army in 1989 I worked warehouses doing shipping and receiving for 12 years. In 2001 I entered the New England culinary institute and graduated in 2003. Since graduation I have held a number of jobs in the culinary world including fine dining, baking, running a cafeteria and even working as a teaching assistant at N.E.C.I., where I eventually taught my own class as an instructor. I started working at Chefs Corner in 2007. I am married to my wonderful wife TJ and Have 3 beautiful kids Savanna, John and Kendall. On 7/7/11 I became a junior partner at Chefs Corner and I am now fully involved in all aspects of the business

Pamela Harrewyn

Pamela grew up in sunny, South Africa with a family who shared love through food. At an early age, Pamela began to help her mother in the kitchen, which quickly became a tradition. By the time Pamela was fifteen, her grandmother had enrolled her into Cordon Bleu cooking classes. This opened the culinary doors for Pamela as she was introduced to many of South Africa’s incredible spices. Some of Pamela’s first dishes include Malay curry and rice, Bobotie (spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping), and savory, puff pastry pies. Weekend traditions with the family included high tea and scones with butter and jam, to roasts during the winter, to barbecues under an old oak tree in the summer. Pamela has fond memories of sopping up her mother’s famous marinara with crusty bread while listening to uproarious dialogue amongst South African’s, loving life. To pursue a career in cooking by way of culinary school was always a thought for Pamela. However, as Pamela began to travel throughout Africa and Europe, she found a unique alternative. Pamela was learning new recipes and methods from local families and small restaurant owners. From remote villages throughout Europe to the hills of Tuscany, Pamela grew fond of these times and people who approached cooking in a fun loving, authentic and organic way. Pamela and Jozef met while Jozef was an apprentice at his father’s famous, Johannesburg restaurant called, The Harrewyn’s. Shortly after, a culinary love affair pursued which took Pamela and Jozef to Antwerp, Belgium, where Jozef attended culinary school. Upon completion of school, further adventures and job offers through the Four Seasons hotel company led Jozef and Pamela to Canada and then America. Just one visit to Vermont and Pamela knew this was where she wanted to raise her two sons, Brent and Ashton. Today, you will find Pamela at Chefs Corner busing tables, serving customers, arranging flowers, helping with caterings or cooking in the kitchen where she adds her own, unique touch. If Pamela is not at Chef’s Corner she may very well be at home in her own kitchen cooking for her family and friends, trying new recipes, drinking wine and laughing.